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My steamer Life


All Kinds of Games

While I focus on PVP BR games, I also try to play some of the latest RPGs and FPS games. When I started taking video games more seriously, I dabbled in eSports competitions. You can still find me at a streaming and playing in some online competitions. Lately, I mostly spend my time sharing my PVP videos with the world, talking about tactics and some of my tips and tricks to make gameplay better and more fun for everyone.


Bringing the Game to You

My streaming and daily gaming happens from 7-9pm PST Sunday-Saturday and from 2-4pm PST Monday-Friday. You can follow along and ask questions about why I do what I do. I also play with SAVAGE FAM members on Saturday's. I playing with the SAVAGE mobile fam at around a 11am PST and Xbox fam members at 7pm PST. Also play with top fans on Friday night's 7-9pm PST stream.


About Me

I can't remember when I didn't play video games. I still revisit some of the classic games for throwback streams and a nostalgia/memory lane walks. On the rare days when I'm not streaming, I like to get out to and hike, hunt, fish, hang out by the river and spend time with my family.

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Gaming Videos

Check out my gameplay videos and my reviews of the latest games! Be sure to follow me on social media to find out when I will be streaming next.